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Week 10: Subscriptions
Published October 16, 2018, tags: invidious, patreon

Migrated from Patreon. Original post here.

This week I'm happy to announce that subscriptions have been drastically sped up with
35e63fa. As I mentioned last week, this essentially "caches" a user's feed, meaning that operations that previously took 20 seconds or timed out, now can load in under a second. I'd take a look at #173 for a sample benchmark. Previously features that made Invidious's feed so useful, such as filtering by unseen and by author would take too long to load, and so instead would timeout. I'm very happy that this has been fixed, and folks can get back to using these features.

Among some smaller features that have been added this week include #118, which adds, in my opinion, some very attractive subscribe and unsubscribe buttons. I think it's also a bit of a functional improvement as well, since it doesn't require a user to reload the page in order to subscribe or unsubscribe to a channel, and also gives the opportunity to put the channel's sub count on display.

An option to swap between Reddit and YouTube comments without a page reload has been added with
5eefab6, bringing it somewhat closer in functionality to the popular AlienTube extension, on which it is based (although the extension unfortunately appears now to be fragmented).

As always, there are a couple smaller improvements this week, including some minor fixes for geo-bypass with
e46e618 and 245d0b5, playlist preferences with 81b4477, and YouTube comments with 02335f3.

This coming week I'd also recommend keeping an eye on the excellent FreeTube, which is looking forward to a new release. I've been very lucky to work with @PrestonN for the past few weeks to improve the Invidious API, and I'm quite looking forward to the new release.

That's all for this week folks, thank you all again for your continued interest and support.