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Roadmap for 0.20.0
Published September 6, 2019, tags: invidious, patreon

Migrated from Patreon. Original post here.

Hello again! I would like to give everyone a quick update and roadmap for the next release.

Currently, I plan on releasing 0.20.0 once basic support for custom playlists has been added. Said functionality is already mostly complete, however it still needs to be tested and cleaned up quite a bit more before I'm comfortable releasing it. You can track progress in #673 or build from the add-playlists branch if you'd like to test it yourself.

I would also like to include the finances for 6/7/19-5/8/19 and 6/8/19-5/9/19. These will also be included in the release notes, however since it's been quite a while I would also like to include them here.

Finances for July 2019



Finances for August 2019



As always, please feel free to hop on the Matrix Server if you have any questions or would just like to chat.

Thank you everyone.