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Week 8: Mixes
Published October 2, 2018, tags: invidious, patreon

Migrated from Patreon. Original post here.

Hello again!

Mixes have been added with 20130db, which makes it easy to create a playlist of related content. See #188 for more info on how they work. Currently, they return the first 50 videos rather than a continuous feed to avoid tracking by Google/YouTube, which I think is a good trade-off between usability and privacy, and I hope other folks agree. You can create mixes by adding RD to the beginning of a video ID, an example is provided here based on Big Buck Bunny. I've been quite happy with the results returned for the mixes I've tried, and it is not limited to music, which I think is a big plus. To emulate a continuous feed provided many are used to, using the last video of each mix as a new 'seed' has worked well for me. In the coming week I'd like to to add playback support in the player to listen to these easily.

A very big thanks to @flourgaz for Docker support with #186. This is an enormous improvement in portability for the project, and opens the door for Heroku support (see #162), and seamless support on Windows. For most users, it should be as easy as running docker-compose up.

I've spent quite a bit of time this past week improving support for geo-bypass (see #92), and am happy to note that Invidious has been able to proxy ~50% of the geo-restricted videos I've tried. In addition, you can now watch geo-restricted videos if you have dash enabled as your preferred quality, for more details see #34 and #185, or last week's update. For folks interested in replicating these results for themselves, I'd take a look here for the script used, and here for a list of videos restricted in the US.

1080p has seen a fairly smooth roll-out, although there have been a couple issues reported, mainly #193, which is likely an issue in the player. I've also encountered a couple other issues myself that I would like to investigate. Although none are major, I'd like to keep 1080p opt-in for registered users another week to better address these issues.

Have an excellent week everyone.