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Week 7: 1080p and Search Types
Published September 25, 2018, tags: invidious, patreon

Migrated from Patreon. Original post here.

Hello again everyone! I've got quite a couple announcements this week:

Experimental 1080p support has been added with b3ca392, and can be enabled by going to preferences and changing preferred video quality to dash. You can find more details here. Currently quality and speed controls have not yet been integrated into the player, but I'd still appreciate feedback, mainly on any issues with buffering or DASH playback. I hope to integrate 1080p support into the player and push support site-wide in the coming weeks.

You can now filter content types in search with the type:TYPE filter. Supported content types are playlist, channel, and video. More info is available here. I think this is quite an improvement in usability and I hope others find the same.

A CHANGELOG has been added to the repository, so folks will now receive a copy of all these updates when cloning. I think this is an improvement in hosting the project, as it is no longer tied to the /releases tab on Github or the posts on Patreon.

Recently, users have been reporting 504s when attempting to access their subscriptions, which is tracked in #173. This is most likely caused by an uptick in usage, which I am absolutely grateful for, but unfortunately has resulted in an increase in costs for hosting the site, which is why I will be bumping my goal on Patreon from $60 to $80. I would appreciate any feedback on how subscriptions could be improved.

Other minor improvements include:

Thank you everyone for your support!