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Week 4: Genre Channels
Published September 5, 2018, tags: invidious, patreon

Migrated from Patreon. Original post here.

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Without further ado:

Just today genre channels have been added with #119. More information on genre channels is available here. You can subscribe to them as normally, and view them as RSS. I think they offer an interesting alternative way to find new content and I hope people find them useful.

This past week folks have started reporting 504s on their subscription page (see #144 for more details). Upgrading the database server appeared to fix the issue, as well as providing a smoother experience across the site. Unfortunately, that means I will be increasing the goal from $50 to $60 in order to meet the increased hosting costs.

With #134, comments are now formatted correctly, providing support for bold, italics, and links in comments. I think this improvement makes them much easier to read, and I hope others find the same. Also to note is that links in both comments and the video description now no longer contain any of Google's tracking with #115.

One of the major use cases for Invidious is as a stripped-down version of YouTube. In line with that, I'm happy to announce that you can now hide related videos if you're logged in, for users that prefer an even more lightweight experience.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce that Invidious has hit 100 stars on GitHub. I am very happy that Invidious has proven to be useful to so many people, and I can't say how grateful I am to everyone for their continued support.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!