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Week 3: Quality of Life
Published August 27, 2018, tags: invidious, patreon

Migrated from Patreon. Original post here.

Hello everyone! This week I've been working on some smaller features that will hopefully make the site more functional.

Search filters have been added with #126. You can now specify 'sort', 'date', 'duration', and 'features' within your query using the 'operator:value' syntax. I'd recommend taking a look here for a list of supported options and at #126 for some examples. This also opens the door for features such as #30 which can be implemented as filters. I think advanced search is a major point in which Invidious can improve on YouTube and hope to add more features soon!

This week a more advanced system for viewing fallback comments has been added (see #84 for more details). You can now specify a comment fallback in your preferences, which Invidious will use. If, for example, no Reddit comments are available for a given video, it can choose to fallback on YouTube comments. This also makes it possible to turn comments off completely for users that prefer a more streamlined experience.

With #98, it is now possible for users to specify preferences without creating an account. You can now change speed, volume, subtitles, autoplay, loop, and quality using query parameters. See the issue above for more details and several examples.

I'd also like to announce that I've set up an account on Liberapay, for patrons that prefer a privacy-friendly alternative to Patreon. Liberapay also does not take any percentage of donations, so I'd recommend donating some to the Liberapay for their hard work. Go check it out!

Two weeks ago I mentioned adding 1080p support into the player. Currently, the only thing blocking is #207 in the excellent http-streaming library. I hope to work with the videojs team to merge it soon and finally implement 1080p support!

That's all for this week, thank you again everyone for your support!