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Version 0.18.0: Native Notifications and Optimizations
Published June 6, 2019, tags: invidious, patreon

Migrated from Patreon. Original post here.

Hope everyone has been doing well. This past month there have been 97 commits from 10 contributors. For the most part changes this month have been on optimizing various parts of the site, mainly subscription feeds and support for serving images and other assets.

I'm quite happy to mention that support for Greek (el) has been added, which I hope will continue to make the site accessible for more users.

Subscription feeds will now only update when necessary, rather than periodically. This greatly lightens the load on DB as well as making the feeds generally more responsive when changing subscriptions, importing data, and when receiving new uploads.

Caching for images and other assets should be greatly improved with #456. JavaScript has been pulled out into separate files where possible to take advantage of this, which should result in lighter pages and faster load times.

This past month several people have encountered issues with downloads and watching high quality video through the site, see #532 and #562. For this coming month I've allocated some more hardware which should help with this, and I'm also looking into optimizing how videos are currently served.

For Developers

viewCount is now available for /api/v1/popular and all videos returned from /api/v1/auth/notifications. Both also now provide "type" for indicating available information for each object.

An /authorize_token page is now available for more easily creating new tokens for use in applications, see this comment in #473 for more details.

A POST /api/v1/auth/notifications endpoint is also now available for correctly returning notifications for 150+ channels.

For Administrators

There are two new schema changes for administrators: views for adding view count to the popular page, and feed_needs_update for tracking feed changes.

As always the relevant migration scripts are provided which should run when following instructions for updating. Otherwise, adding check_tables: true to your config will automatically make the required changes.

Native Notifications

It is now possible to receive Web notifications from subscribed channels.

You can enable notifications by clicking "Enable web notifications" in your preferences. Generally they appear within 20-60 seconds of a new video being uploaded, and I've found them to be an enormous quality of life improvement.

Although it has been fairly stable, please feel free to report any issues you find here or emailing me directly at

Important to note for administrators is that instances require use_pubsub_feeds and must be served over HTTPS in order to correctly send web notifications.




See you all next month!