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Version 0.14.0: Community
Published February 6, 2019, tags: invidious, patreon

Migrated from Patreon. Original post here.

This last month several contributors have made improvements specifically for the people using this project. New pages have been added to the wiki, and there is now a Matrix Server and IRC channel so it's easier and faster for people to ask questions or chat. There have been 101 commits since the last major release from 8 contributors.

It has come to my attention in the past month how many people are self-hosting, and I would like to make it easier for them to do so.

With that in mind, expect future releases to have a section for For Administrators (if any relevant changes) and For Developers (if any relevant changes).

For Administrators

This month the most notable change for administrators is releases. As always, there will be a major release each month. However, a new minor release will be made whenever there are any critical bugs that need to be fixed.

This past month is the first time there has been a minor release - 0.13.1 - which fixes a breaking change made by YouTube. Administrators using versioning for their instances will be able to rely on the latest version, and should have a system in place to upgrade their instance as soon as a new release is available.

Several new pages have been added to the wiki (as mentioned below) that will help administrators better setup their own instances. Configuration, maintenance, and instructions for updating are of note, as well as several common issues that are encountered when first setting up.

For Developers

There's now a pretty=1 parameter for most endpoints so you can view data easily from the browser, which is convenient for debugging and casual use. You can see an example here.

Unfortunately the /api/v1/insights/:id endpoint is no longer functional, as YouTube removed all publicly available analytics around a month ago. The YouTube endpoint now returns a 404, so it's unlikely it will be functional again.


There have been a sizable number of changes to the Wiki, including a list of public Invidious instances, the list of extensions, and documentation for administrators (as mentioned above) and developers.

The wiki is editable by anyone so feel free to add anything you think is useful.

Matrix & IRC

Thee is now a Matrix Server for Invidious, so please feel free to hop on if you have any questions or want to chat. There is also a registered IRC channel: #invidious on Freenode which is bridged to Matrix.


Several new features have been added, including a download button, creator hearts and comment colors, and a French translation.

There have been fixes for Google logins, missing text in locales, invalid links to genre channels, and better error handling in the player, among others.

Several fixes and features are omitted for space, so I'd recommend taking a look at the compare tab for more information.

Annotations Update

Annotations were removed January 15th, 2019 around15:00 UTC. Before they were deleted we were able to archive annotations from around 1.4 billion videos. I'd very much recommend taking a look here for more information and a list of acknowledgements. I'm extremely thankful to everyone who was able to contribute and I'm glad we were able to save such a large part of internet history.

There's been large strides in supporting them in the player as well, which you can follow in #303. You can preview the functionality at . Before they are added to the main site expect to see an option to disable them, both site-wide and per video.

Organizing this project has unfortunately taken up quite a bit of my time, and I've been very grateful for everyone's patience.




invidious-load1 (nyc1) : $10.00 (load balancer)
invidious-update1 (s-1vcpu-1gb) : $5.00 (updates feeds)
invidious-node1 (s-1vcpu-1gb) : $5.00 (web server)
invidious-node2 (s-1vcpu-1gb) : $5.00 (web server)
invidious-node3 (s-1vcpu-1gb) : $5.00 (web server)
invidious-node4 (s-1vcpu-1gb) : $5.00 (web server)
invidious-db1 (s-4vcpu-8gb) : $40.00 (database)
Total : $75.00

As always I'm grateful for everyone's contributions and support. I'll see you all in March.